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Fiber Gigabit


Free Modem

Free Installation

Maximum download/upload speed of up
to 940 Mbps via a wired connection.

Plans, prices and speeds may not be available at you location.

New customers only.Rate requires paperless billing and excludes taxes.Rate
without paperless billing is $85/mo.Additional fees apply.Offer Details

Who is CenturyLink?

CenturyLink, Inc. is a technology company located in Monroe, Louisiana, USA. Centurylink is a Fortune 500 company. Its communications services provide voice, email, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), IT and other services. CenturyLink is committed to being the trusted gateway to the networked world and focuses on providing consumer experience-enhancing technology.

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Top 5 Internet And Cable Tv Service Provider In New York


Fast Internet And Home Phones Service Provider In New York


Best Centurylink Internet Plans


Best Centurylink Internet Plans


Best Centurylink Internet Plans


Centurylink Best Internet Plans

Experience Reliable, Secure High-Speed Internet

With cenuryLink High-Speed internet,you can choose from a wide range of
avilable speeds that fit your online needs needs centuryLink is continually
expanding its Fiber internet network that can deliver internet speeds
up to Gig(Speed may not be available in your area).Plus you can
connect multiple devices with super fast in home WiFi. Learn More


Bundle the services that are right for you and save.

Bundle High-speed internet, TV, or Home Phone and spend less
each mont h whlie getting the best deals centuryLink has to offer.
Bundling is the simplest way to get everything you need


Service Through CenturyLink

Switch from cable TV and get the TV movies, and sports you love with over 330 channels.choose from a variety of TV packages available and a deal
on your TV service today with DIRECTV through centuryLink!
See offer details Learn More

Centurylink Home Phone Services

we have just the plan for you

Keeps in touch with friends and family across

the country,right next door or internationally with a crystal clear, reliable

home phone connection

Centurylink Moving

stay connected in your new phone

it's easy to transfer your internet, TV , or home

phone service to your new home with centuryLink


No. 1 Centurylink Internet Service


No. 1 Centurylink Internet Service



Centurylink Home Phone Service

Stay connected with CenturyLink Home Phone.

Get reliable landline phone service with a crystal-clear connection. CenturyLink Home Phone
Service offers local, long distance, and VoIP home phone plans that fit your can connect multiple devices with super-fast in-home WiFi

Centurylink Home Phone Service Plans & Features

Choose the home phone plan that is right for you, with long distance options and popular calling features.

Basic Unlimited
Local No. 1 Centurylink Home Phone Service No. 1 Centurylink Home Phone Service
Long Distance Centurylink Cable Tv Service
Features Centurylink Cable Tv Service

Unlimited Home Phone service comes packed with features, including: call waiting, caller ID, call waiting ID, voice mail, 3-way calling, call rejection, call forwarding, call return, anonymous call rejection, speed call, busy redial. *Not all features are available in all markets.

5 Great

To Have a Home Phone

1. Safety First

In an emergency, landline phones identify your exact location, so first responders can send help.

2. Quality Counts

Landline phone service gets crystal clear, reliable connections with virtually no delays or lag time.

3. Excellent Coverage

Home landline phones always provide excellent coverage because they rely on phone networks not towers with spotty coverage

4. Security System

Many security systems require a home phone line because landline monitoring is a more reliable method of sending alarms signals.

5. Great Home Phone Plans

There are home phone plans available to talk to family and friends as much as you like – across the country and internationally.

Centurylink International
Voice Calling Plans

The Century™ Calling Plan

Over a hundred countries to choose from. Call anytime you want

Oh Canada!

Connect with your friends and family in the Great White North.

Enjoy our reduced rates to Mexico
and other Latin American Countries.

Flexible plans that connect you with friends and family in Mexico and
other Latin American countries.

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