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Hughes Communications was established in 1971 by the name Digital Communication Corporation. Hughes Communications is an EchoStar private subsidiary. HughesNet is the largest satellite internet service with more than 1.5 million subscribers in the States.

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Best Phone Connections And Cable Tv Services In Atlanta

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Living in a rural area sometime can be a bit difficult, especially when it comes to internet and cable entertainment. Luckley, internet options for rural areas has got darasstic boom in last two years. Now we have two satellite internet providers HugesNet and Viaset (Previoualy known as Exede). Isn't that great?

Nowadays we only have two ISP providing internet through satellite, earlier there were five. Except HugesNEt and Viaset rest of them either are out of business or sold their business to other company like Exced which is now Viaset.

Lets catagorize them into two catagories, speed and budget.


  • Best satellite rural internet for budgeters, pocket-friendly. HughesNet gives you well-data low-priced plans and unchangeable pricing that doesn't go up like a rocket during your contract.
  • If you are not very heavy user means if you only do emails, banking, youtube, facebook, twitter and other small tasks online then you need a budget friendly service that will be easy on your pocket. Here we would suggest to go for HugesNet as they have low cost pocket friendly plans that suit your need
  • While you won't get very high speeds that match Viasat's service, you do get a pretty steady 25 Mbps. That's enough speed to do some streaming even in 4K on a good day. (Though the 10 to 50 GB data cap will likely restrict you to SD or HD videos.)
  • If cheap satellite internet is what you are looking for, HughesNet's low-price plans are the ones you should consider.
  • And for the most part, you can get one of these plans no matter where you live. That's one of the benefits of satellite internet.


  • Viasat (formerly known as Exede): Best satellite internet speed If you want the fast speed and no data caps or high data caps satellite internet can provide, Viasat is the one you should consider.
  • Satellite internet is pricey, There's no way around it. But of our two competitors, Viasat gives you more data and speed for your money than HughesNet. And those are big ranking factors for anyone.
  • According to users Viasat is the #1 satellite internet service provider (ISP) when it comes to download speed that rivals DSL and cable internet services like Centurylink, AT&T, Verizon and others. However, Viasat's prices start out a bit higher, its fast speed plan offers a better value for money comparing to HughesNet when it comes to the price you pay for the speed you get.

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Community Involvement

HughesNet is a big supporter of 4-H, the nation's premier youth development organization.

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Fastest Internet Services In Usa

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